About Us

Our company is backed with successful investment

where it has established various entertaining and residential resorts, spanning Row Marina North Coast till El Alamein-North Coast. Based upon such experience, our company could establish a prestigious position among its potential, present, or previous clients whether locally or abroad.

Message From CEO

In light of the state’s continuous efforts to create encouraging, sustainable environment suitable for accommodating real estate market development within the A.R.E, and in order for us to match such pace, linking local market needs with quality products and services became necessary, in the manner that fulfills state requirements and clients’ needs. Therefore, we dedicated ourselves to undertake our mission, considering our clients as partners in investments and development. We will always do our best to gain customer satisfaction.

Our Objectives

Fulfill clients’ needs and expectations.
Consider clients as partners rather than clients.
Select the best projects and perform it at the highest quality.
Provide various projects to suit various clients’ desires and capabilities, in terms of payment methods or finishing options, all at competitive, affordable prices.
Lease/sell units on behalf of owners achieving maximum profit.
Support Company employees to guarantee sustainable improvement of all our projects and activities.

Our Vision

Apparently, real estate sector in its both short and long-term forms is gaining increasing confidence, attracting both local and foreign investments. In this lively environment, we developed in-depth, balanced knowledge of local and international market needs, in a manner that fulfills our clients’ expectations, maintains sustainable growth within the real estate market, and proves our credibility among all clients.